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NUNO LUCAS – Voice and Choir Composition Workshop

Auditório do Solar da Música Nova, Loulé
12 + 13 DEC - 10h30 > 13h30 / 15h00 > 18h00

>18 / Aimed at the artistic community, professionals or amateurs with an interest in using their voice and in the experience of singing in a choir and, mainly, with an interest in and availability for learning and being a part of a group. Limited to 12 Participants

Registration until 10 DEC by filling the online form
+INFO: info@festivalveraoazul.com

Since 2014 Nuno Lucas collaborates with the French collective Encyclopédie de la Parole, an artistic project that explores spoken word in all its forms.

This collective is interested in assembling recordings of the human voice in its complexity and in different languages. Afterwards they index it, according to specific phenomena that have to do with the way people speak, for instance, pacing, chorality, types of expression, emphasis, spacing, melody components, among others.

Drawing from this collection, now composed by more than a thousand sound documents, Encyclopedie de la Parole uses those recordings to put together art sound pieces, performances, shows, conferences, concerts and installations. The project is led by a collective of poets, actors, visual artists, ethnographers, musicians, curators, stage directors, choreographers and radio show producers. Whose motto is: “We are all experts in speaking”.

In this workshop some of the approaches used in the making of these sound documents will be shared, as well as the ways of replicating those documents in a chorus format.

NOTE – The workshop will be performed in Portuguese, but it’s important to have some fluency in English and other languages. Although it is not necessary that the participants are polyglots, it is important that they have an easiness to expose themselves to unknown languages, since this is an important component of the work methodology.