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2MIKKERS – Imaginário and Lágrima


Auditório do Solar da Música Nova
(Meeting Point Loulé) / Thu 17 OCT 23h30

SPOKEN WORD / 40' / M6 / Free Admission

Two vocal dreamers met in the middle of a book where the tears of a changing planet could be read in detail. For this to happen the imagery of each would have to deconstruct into vibration and through frequencies so that they could understand the hieroglyphics written in the descending waterfalls of the inhabited landscapes. A living planet through which they traveled observing endless possibilities and reporting various possible futures of this altered and interconnected dome. Between expansive sounds and evasive texts they – Imaginário and Lágrima, unite to break the ground in the galactic conquest of a vast auditory and corporeal universe.
In this particular journey, addressing the theme of creating universes, they join two terrestrials with minor variations in intergalactic music – Alberto Hernandez and Miguel Guerreiro, owners of keys, strings and electronic waves in synthetic boxes.

Artistic Direction, texts: João Caiano, Martim Santos
Musicians: Miguel Guerreiro, Alberto Hernandez

Imaginário: João Caiano is just a walker who regularly turns around for not controlling gravity. Your walk is half mathematical and half – whatever comes, “I know I can turn around if I fall on my back.” Between his words come songs of several other members of his genesis, he is of a race that lives in tune, thus transmitting notions and visions of the resident planet. Imaginário is only a few million imaginaries.

Lágrima: Martim Santos is a dark frequency originating in a salt sea from the farthest crater of the 2nd existential north moon. He traveled through time deconstructing himself in bosons to find sonic tools that would allow him to fight the death of feelings caused by the molecular expansion of the emotions of the universe he inhabited. He uses tectonic echoes to create emergent environments that can trap dark matter in a glance. Transforming words into energy allows a telepathic osmosis that creates false memories and collects the deepest fears turning them into sonar poetry using silences and breaths. Lágrima is also a time pirate trying to freeze expansion.