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NIÑO DE ELCHE – Colombiana

Teatro das Figuras, Faro / Fri 18 OCT 21h30

MUSIC / 80' / M6 / 5€ to 10€* - BUY
*10€ Regular Ticket / 7,5€ Over 65 / 5€ Under 30

All flamenco is a roundtrip song. Not only guajiras or milongas, also the soleá and seguiriya. Romances, cabales, peteneras and pregones in the wide Afro-Andalusian Caribbean. And the fandango, of course. This round trip is the same sugar, coffee and cocoa and cane rum did. But this trip was interrupted between 1810 and 1898 and flamenco music went back to what it was before.
With this new album, Colombiana, Niño de Elche is trying to continue that relationship that was so fluid, so fruitful, so flourishing. Although it is not about archeology this time, it is rather an anticipation. Here you can see the flamenco that is coming. The flamenco from the future is around the corner.

Voice: Niño de Elche
Guitars: Raúl Cantizano
Synthesizers and electronics: Susana Hernández (Ylia)
Percussion: Víctor Martínez
Sound Design: Raúl Lorenzo
Lighting Design: Benito Jimenez
Tour Manager: Estefania Serrano
Support: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E): Programme for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE) / Mobility

Niño de Elche is an unusual cantaor (flamenco singer). He is a multidisciplinary artist who combines the flamenco singing and toque with performances, poetry, improvisation, minimalism, singer-songwriting, rock or electronics. He has published very diverse albums, like Mis primeros llantos (2007), Sí, a Miguel Hernández (2013) or Las malditas órdenes del coronel (2013), which was produced along with Seidagasa.
He alternates his personal works with collaborations with unclassifiable art creators like philosopher and art curator Pedro G. Romero or poet Antonio Orihuela. But also in the creation Coplas Mecánicas, a cross-discipline creation together with flamenco dancer Israel Galván.
He also collaborates with rock, pop or experimental Spanish bands like Pony Bravo, Kiko Veneno, Toundra or Los Voluble.
According with the Spanish newspaper El País, “Niño de Elche has currently become one of the most revered names by music audiences.”