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SÍLVIA REAL in co-creation with GRUPO 23:SILÊNCIO! and FRANCISCO CAMACHO – Laura Wants!


Cine-Teatro Louletano / Sun 27 OCT 17h00
Subtitled in EN / Post-performance talk with the artists

DANCE-THEATER / For families / 70' / M6 / 3€ - BUY

At the beginning the gesture was defined: to hold the hand of those inhabiting the uncomfortable place of youth. And to do it on equal terms, without lessons or guidelines, walking side-by-side, questioning roles and stereotypes, assuming the drift. That’s Laura Wants!, the new co-creation of Grupo 23: silêncio!: with teenagers and children, a forward-looking performance addressed to all audiences. “But what future will this be, anchored in the uncertainties of this intense now?” asks the choreographer Sílvia Real. “By defying the self-evident oppression, we dare to listen to silence, to expand space, and to generate a pulsing energy to finally imagine together the place of each one in the story that is being written today, in which we are all called to sign up. A story that we must necessarily have to build in a fairer, more sustainable and peaceful way, against the fear of coexisting”.

Artistic Direction: Sílvia Real
Choreography: Francisco Camacho, Sílvia Real
Co-creation and Interpretation: Afonso Ramires, Beatriz Valentim, Gaspar Menezes, Inês Trindade, Jade Mandillo, Lua Areal, Luis Odriozola, Magnum Soares, Miguel Ferreira, Sílvia Real, Vasco Sequeira, Violeta Guerreiro
Musical Composition and Live performance: Afonso Minderico, André Ferreira, Jade Mandillo, Sofia Pelágio, Vasco Sequeira
Music Direction: Ana Sofia Sequeira
Music Direction Assistants: Jasmim Mandillo, Vasco Sequeira
Soundtrack: Indigo (Bernardo Sassetti); Elétrica Cadente Vol.1 (Dead Combo), Édification en forme de Ogives -Harmories (Joana Gama, Luís Fernandes, Ricardo Jacinto); Desconhecido – Rush (Quinteto Mário Franco); Calma – All the Dreams, (André Matos).
Text: Laura Quindler, a Harpista, de S.S. Pelágio
Research / Human Rights: Simone Andrade
Costumes and Props: Carlota Lagido
Technical Direction and Light Design: Frank Laubenheimer
Sound Operator: Vasco Cadete
PSL Collaborator: Alexandra Marques Fernandes
Executive Production: Sofia Afonso
Production Trainee: Federica Barone
Communication: Susana Ribeiro Martins
Produced by: Real Pelágio in co-production with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Festival Verão Azul, Festival Músicas do Mundo de Sines, Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco
Real Pelágio Productions is an artistic structure co-financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura / DGArtes
and by the Lisbon City Council and supported by SIB A Voz do Operário
Thanks to: all the parents and family of the children and performers of Grupo 23: silêncio!, Dupla Cena – António Câmara, Jasmim Mandillo, Sérgio Pelágio, Sofia Andrade, Vicente Lagido

Sílvia Real is a choreographer and a dancer and the Artistic Director of Grupo 23: Silencio! In 1997, together with musician Sérgio Pelagio, she created Produções Real Pelágio. Since 2013 she coordinates the Artistic Training Center at Teatro da Voz, in partnership with Escola Voz do Operário and EIRA.
She has performed for several choreographers, namely João Fiadeiro, Vera Mantero, Miguel Pereira, Francisco Camacho and Filipa Francisco.

Grupo 23: silêncio! is an artistic education collective composed of children, young people and professional adults who, since 2013, develops research and co-creation in performative arts, critical thinking and human rights.

Francisco Camacho is one of Portugal’s dance scene main names. His works have been circulating in Europe, America and Africa since 1988. He was awarded the Bordalo Prize (1995 and 97) and the ACARTE Prize (1994/95). He has danced with several choreographers, including Paula Massano, Meg Stuart, Alain Platel and Carlota Lagido. He studied dance, theater and voice in Portugal and New York, namely at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio and Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Founding member and artistic director of EIRA up to the present time.