LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Lagos / Fri 7 APR 23h00
Single ticket VIL + HETTA / 7€ - 3,5€ (Discount)

Bafo de Baco, Loulé / Sat 15 APR 23h00
Single ticket VIL + HETTA / 5€

Concert / 60′ / M6

The band is based in the former Lagos jail (LAC), and falls within the metal spectrum side of music. It was formed in 2019 by musicians coming from other projects in residence in that same space, including Prayers of Sanity, KON, Cursed Disciples and Projecto 103. In 2019 they release the EP VIL, which is currently available on the usual digital platforms. In 2020, they released the video for Kill the Beast and they usually perform in the main regional and national music circuits.