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JOÃO CAIANO and MARTIM SANTOS – Ele escreveu por 25 Tostões

LAMA Black Box, Faro / Thu 18 NOV 21h30

Single price 5€
Theatre / 40' / M12
40% Theatre / 20% History / 30% Autobiographic / 10% Donation

Curated from a Call to local artists who have participated in Verão Azul‘s Artistic Training Program in 2020.

25 tostões was how much António de Sarmento de Gouvêa Lemos would charge for a commissioned love letter. In his generous practice, he would listen to the other person and for every – and always special – occasion he would choose the right words.

There are no records of the love maps used by the love-riden to express the feelings they couldn’t put into epistolary mode. But this man’s grandson grew up hearing stories of his mysterious grandfather who “captured” love for other people. He understood the generosity of the gesture and now he is trying to find out how much of this intimate legacy is (un)familiar to him, and how much is left of this grandad.

Ele Escreveu por 25 Tostões is an inner journey to the fatality of heartbreak and longing, suffering and presence, in the hope of a warm see-you-soon or a dreaded and definitive goodbye.
Who needs love letters?

Performance and playwright: João Caiano
Playwright, creation and sound design: Martim Santos
Critical Approach: Keli Freitas

João Caiano is a musician, poet and performing arts enthusiast. He has worked with a variety of artists, founded several bands and works in associative projects or companies on a regular basis, having performed a bit all over the Algarve.
In his writing, he addresses the most human part of our nature, always looking for a twist, that moment when, he believes, we allow ourselves to have the biggest doubts and ask the the important questions. He sees himself as a storyteller of imagined tales. He co-founded the poetry collective Poeta qu’Pariu and is the frontman of the band MorTais, while also having other side projects such as 2Mikkers and Janelas da Aldeia. A singer and musician, he released a solo album The Unlovely Stories.

Martim Santos, aka Lágrima, was born in the forgotten south of Loulé, near the sea, in the shadow of the turist-ridden Algarve and fleeting and disposable entertainment. Graduated in Music Production and Multimedia, we wanders among many artistic areas as a freelancer creative; writing, music and image are at the center of his resistance. He was and is part of several associations where he took part and developed projects for the stage: theatre, performance, poetry, music and video. He also does culture programming and records emergent bands.