© Bruno Simão

MÓNICA CALLE – The Seven sins: Essay for a cartography

Cine-Teatro Louletano
Sat 14 NOV, 21h30


Seven different shows in seven different regions of Portugal, posing the question of whether it is possible to think a country through artistic practice and thus to create an alternative cartography.
This project will happen throughout 2015 and 2016 in Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Montemor-o-novo, Madeira and the Azores. Its first presentation will be at the 6th edition of the Verão Azul Festival.
This performance comes as the consequence of the series of shows performed in 2014 (Zonas Não Vigiadas), that attempted to create an alternative cartography of the city of Lisbon, supported by different theatre companies from different areas of the city.

Staging, scenography, light: Mónica Calle
Original texts: Luís Mário Lopes
Music: André Pires and Sofia Vitoria
Actresses: Carla Bolito, Cleonise Tavares, Inês Vaz, Joana de Verona, Marta Felix, Mónica Calle, Mónica Garnel, Sílvia Barbeiro, Sofia Dinger
Photography: Bruno Simão
Video: Eduardo Breda
Production assistant: Ana Rocha
Communication assistant: Andreia Fumiga

Mónica Calle Was a student of ESTC in Lisbon. Starts the theatre group Casa Conveniente in 1992 with the show «Virgem Doida», after Rimbaud, a group that built a strong body of work in the subsequent years. Since 2007 has been developing a form of workshop/theatre show where actors and non-actors work together.
In 2009 launched a project of actor schooling in a prison environment, with two objectives: the work developed and performed inside a prison establishment and the integration of former detainees in the group. In 2011 stages several shows from the texts of Heiner Müller. In 2012 stages once again the whole of Rimbaud’s text «A Season in Hell».
In 2013 performs at Culturgest her own staging of Dulce Maria Cardoso’s «Os Meus Sentimentos» selected by Expresso as one the most important shows of 2013 and an honorary mention in the critics prize of that same year. Performs and stages «A Sagração da Primavera», by Stravinsky in Coimbra e Torres Novas (TAGV/Festival Materiais Diversos) and «Noites Brancas» at the Teatro Maria Matos.
Em 2013 the group Casa Conveniente establishes itself in the Zona J in Chelas, an area of problematic council flats, and creates the cultural association Zona Não Vigiada. The intention is to return to the founding idea, to work from the margin.
«A BOA ALMA» is the first show to have staged and performed there, un January 2015. Her work has been presented in Brasil and in France. In 2013 was invited to the festival Chantiers d’Europe with the second version of the show «A Virgem Doida». Has been a regular presence in the Festival Internacional de Teatro de Almada.