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3 > 9 MAY CAMADA – Centro Coreográfico, Faro 

WORKSHOP – Infinity of the Void
8 MAY CAMADA – Centro Coreográfico, Faro

7 SEP 21h30 Teatro das Figuras, Faro
M16 / Dance - Tickets Available

After the premiere of VÄRA (Lagos, January 2022), VA invites Daniel Matos for a creative residency that will lead to a presentation of the show at Teatro das Figuras, in Faro.
Daniel Matos is also leading a Dance Workshop, where the concrete and the abstract, the physical and the emotional, certainty and doubt are the starting points for the immersion in VÄRA’s creative world.

VÄRA is a choreographic object that comes from the urgent encounter between bodies. On stage, seven bodies inhabit a space surrounded by plastics, evoking the display of meat in a butcher shop. It is here that they will seek and enhance an attempt at dialogue, through repetition, accumulating errors and amplifying the confrontation with each other’s reality.

VÄRA is about looking for a lab, those really white and cold and blue ones, like a butcher’s when you turn the kitchen lights on, where we can hang our skins. A place where we can kiss and play violin together inside carcasses, bare-footed, harvesting the liver… where there’s a cool techno interrupting an orthodox choral song and many flowers, a lot of flowers, blue flowers, to make it pretty and for us to be happy.
Daniel Matos

© Daniel Matos

Artistic Direction, Choreography and Concept: Daniel Matos
Performance and Co-creation: Adriana Xavier, Joana Pinto, Jean-loup Gayrard, Lia Vohlgemuth, Marco Olival, Mélanie Ferreira & Sofia Kafol
Artistic Collaboration and Rehearsal Assistance: Beatriz Marques Dias
Lighting Design: Manuel Abrantes
Technical Direction: Raúl Seguro
Original Music: João Galante aka Coolgate
Visual Concept and Space: Daniel Matos & Diogo Silva
Photography: Rui Palma
Stage Photography: Bruno Simão
Textile Props: Marina Tabuado
Communication: Maria Tsukamoto
Production Direction and Administration: Joana Flor Duarte
Production Assistant: Filipa Garcez
Design: Sergiu Toma
Production: CAMA a.c.
Co-Production: Câmara Municipal de Lagos
Co-Produced Artistic Residencies: O Espaço do Tempo, Festival Verão Azul (casaBranca), Teatro das Figuras
Support: Estúdios Victor Córdon / OPART, Musibéria, Companhia Olga Roriz, Teatro Experimental de Lagos, Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo, Pro.Dança, Estúdio CAB, Casa da Dança de Almada, Casa das Laranjeiras, Herdade do Freixo do Meio, Escola de Dança de Lagos, CAMADA – Centro Coreográfico
Special Thanks: Sofia Soromenho, Francisco Pedro, Mariana Malheiro, Hugo Cabral Mendes

VÄRA is a project financed by the Directorate General for the Arts (DGArtes) / Portuguese Ministry of Culture and Garantir Cultura Programme

Daniel Matos – Choreographer, performer, dancer and visual artist. He collaborates as an artistic assistant and performer in Ana Borralho & João Galante’s projects. As a performer he collaborated with Angélica Liddell, Romeo Castellucci, Amélia Bentes, André Uerba, Luís Marrafa, among others. He has been developing his work since 2016, through multidisciplinary practices but always focusing on the place of the body as a field of biographical, physical, and emotional research, to question and redesign the idea of limit. In 2017, he founded CAMA a.c. – a structure for the development of performing arts, based in Lagos, where he assumes the artistic direction and is a resident artist.