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CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos
Fri 5 NOV 14h30 - School Session
Sat 6 NOV 16h00

Performance - Lecture / Concert / 60' / M12
Under 18 – 3€ / Over 18 – 5€ 

30% Music / 40% Graffiti / 30% Political

Válvula (Valve) is a performance for teenagers, young people, and grownups that departs from the history of graffiti to take us on a journey through several questions: why have humans been drawing on walls for thousands of years? Is it transgression, or art? Communication or occupation? Can disobedience be legitimate?

In this performance / lecture / hip-hop concert, visual artist and illustrator António Jorge Gonçalves leads us, with both words and drawings, through the lines hunter-gatherers sketched on rocks 30,000 years ago, through the drawing notes the Romans left on the house walls of Pompeii, and through the 100 year-old Mexican murals, while MC and activist Flávio Almada aka LBC Soldjah plays with words and music to address the social contradictions of our cities. All this so we can better understand the spray paintings that suddenly fill our city walls.

Creation: António Jorge Gonçalves, Flávio Almada
Performance: António Jorge Gonçalves (words and digital drawing), LBC Soldjah (words and music)
Music director and producer: RAS M
Production: Culturproject
Commissioned by: Lu.Ca – Teatro Luís de Camões

António Jorge Gonçalves graduated in Communication and Theatre Design. A graphic novel author, he has worked with several writers in books where text and image are intimately connected. He created set designs for several stage directors. Using real-time digital drawing and object manipulation on an overhead projector, he has been leading performances with musicians, actors and dancers. He authored the Subway Life project, where he drew people sitting in the Metro. Between 2003-2018 he did political cartoons for satyrical newspaper Inimigo Público. He won the National Award for Illustration in 2014. He lectured the Performing Spaces course at FSCH, in Lisbon.

Flávio Almada aka LBC Soldjah is both an MC and political activist and studied Translation, Creative Writing and International Studies. He is a member of Plataforma Gueto, a social movement group advocating for the empowerment of black men and women. He is also a trainer in the Formar Leitores/as (Making Readers) at the Cova da Moura Elementary School and a board member of the Moinho da Juventude Cultural Association.