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VA 2020 – Residencies & Training


Teatro das Figuras / Gimnásio Clube de Faro / Associação Recreativa & Cultural de Músicos / Associação 289 / Cine-Teatro Louletano / Palácio Gama Lobo / Biblioteca Municipal de Loulé

For nearly three months the world stopped, at which time habits changed. Nature reacted, got freed from toxic gases and showed its abilities to renewal, while humans grew accustomed to not leaving their houses (if permitted by their job and privilege) and to give attention to little details in their lives.

A lot of people kept going – between teleworking and digital platform meetings allowing us to stay connected, we established a different everyday life where books, music, cinema and online shows were our companionship. We became more aware of the importance of the arts in our lives.

Within Verão Azul, we too went through these experiences and, working from home, kept thinking about our future as art professionals, seeing our jobs losing their ability to be autonomous because of the precarity we live in, but mostly because we need an audience and inter-relations in order to live.

That is why this year, a non-festival year, Verão Azul proposes to stop and take a breath, together with the artists we invited to be in residency with us in Faro and Loulé – whose works offer us a distinct look on the world.

This year we assembled in a 4 months period the Artistic Residencies that were going to be developed throughout the year, concentrating our relations with the territory of eastern Algarve coast in a shorter period.

Between September and December, we will also be developing a Training Program aimed at local professionals, which includes workshops and masterclasses of the artists in Residency, in a work developed together with the local cultural associations ArQuente and Mákina de Cena.

Once again, we rely on the support of our partners and co-producers Cine-Teatro Louletano / Câmara Municipal de Loulé and Teatro das Figuras, with whom we continue to work side by side putting together this program, and who make possible for this project to develop its relations with the territory in a closer way.

Residencies 2020

Residencies 2020

Artists in Residency in Faro and Loulé
Training 2020

Training 2020

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Public Program

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