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This year in its fourth edition, the Verão Azul / Blue Summer Festival is held for the first time in full August, right in the middle of the summer, torrid and shiny. A Festival with its eyes set on the future. A future so bright you gotta wear shades *. A future where anything goes. A future that’s here and now. This edition mirrors this vision in the choice of artists involved, artists that shine, artists with a voice, naked, and with rhyme. This year mostly in Portuguese, but – since it couldn’t be otherwise – we are all turks, all blacks, or almost blacks, or whites who are almost black because they’re so poor. And poor are like rotten and everybody knows how to treat blacks **… Cicadas, us ??? You vultures .|. ***.

A vision sometimes black sometimes white. Like a chess game if it were, with the checkmate yet to come, but already at sight. From the accusatorial and dark hip hop of Chullage, moving towards the mutant fado of Lula, from the movements and dialogues of Sofia e Vítor, coming from the future, to Rui’s personal memories, moving through to the sound of the jaded and in your face rock of Pega (like a friend of ours would say: renegade), the surgical violence of Lithuanian No Theatre, to Gustavo’s Brazilian sway, the sensual sway of Marlene, the way sway of Miguel, the tribal psychedelia of Loosers, the around the world of Margarida, the magnetism of Sérgio, Tropa’s sex flavoured technologic noise, the horizon of Ana and João, the ever watchful eyes of Helena, Verónica, Gonçalo and João, the black beat sound of Dj’s Marfox, Nigga and Niagara, the apocalyptic ambient of Thermidor… and playing ball with the world also the little films for the smaller ones. We’re very happy to be able to show at Lagos another handful of artists that we admire so. We hope you have fun, wear sun screen and the street is ours – no pasaran.

Kisses on the mouth,
Ana and João
p.s.: no to police / government violence

Note: beside the live performances we will also be hosting two shows streaming live and online from Finland (Gustavo Ciríaco) and Lithuania (No Theater). To reach farther and further all festival will stream live at our website and will also broadcast to other spaces and venues of national and international structures that are our partners in Verão Azul. Stay tuned then to your screens at

* Timbuk 3
** Caetano Veloso
*** Poster at a demonstration in Brasil, 2013