Blue Summer, Black Tide?

Welcome, once again, to one of the finest independent European performance arts festival, according to the digital magazine GPS – Global Performance Soul (
We hit the magic number, the seventh Verão Azul / Blue Summer, it has been a while constructing a universe, or something like that, but unlike the other on the seventh “day” we shall not rest…

7 years hitting our heads against the wall and our bodies against each other.
7 years swimming against the tide… and sometimes just drifting, but this year literally against the tide.
The black tide that seems to be coming, by golf cart, in the shape of holes in the ground in search for the next swing of black Gold.
Against the tide there is now, amongst us, another hand full of warriors of cultural resistance, music, photography, performance, theatre, dance, video and cinema gods…

On your knees to worship André Uerba, André Príncipe, Andrej Djerkovic, Black Bombaim, Bill Domonkos, Claúdia Dias, Colin Stetson, Helena Inverno and Verónica Castro, Joana Sá, Les Rockoeurs, Live Low, Marco Martins, Nathalie Mansoux, Patrícia Almeida, Rodrigo Amado, Silvia Real / Grupo 23, Vasco Célio, Vera Mantero.

Not long ago we read, in Kim Gordon’s book, a sentence Greil Marcus, rock critic, often quoted, and that sounded absolutely wonderful to us and perhaps the best definition of art ever found until today: People pay to see others believing themselves.
Black Tide or Blue Summer?

Ana Borralho & João Galante & casaBranca