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LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Lagos
Fri 5 NOV 18h30

Book Presentation & Masterclass / 90' / M6

50% Drawing / 30% Talk / 20% Interaction

Desenhar do Escuro presents António Jorge Gonçalves new book and invites spectators to engage in a masterclass.

This book has its own story. A friend had made him a specific request: for the author to bring her some white pencils from Mexico. António Jorge kept one of these pencils and while wandering around stationery shops he discovered a black-paged notebook. These objects meet when António Jorge realizes those darkened pages need to be lit and the white pencil can be the candle.

The book offers a wordless narrative built from white pencil drawings on thick black pages, made in 2020-2021. Urban landscapes, domestic isolation, wandering through nature: there is a bit of everything in these notes the author has recorded throughout the months. The outcome is a very delicate object in a signed-and-numbered print run of just 250 copies.

António Jorge is now presenting his book to the general audience and with it a chance for interaction in a masterclass (of aproximately 90 min.) where he will be putting forth some thoughts on the role of light in the history of visual arts – drawing, painting, photography, film.

He will also be addressing the specific motivations and techniques he used in making these drawings and, if the participants are further inspired, the occasion may include a guided workshop moment of white-on-black drawing.

A Project by: António Jorge Gonçalves
Institutional Partner: Programa Garantir Cultura – Entidades Artísticas, República Portuguesa / Ministério da Cultura