© António Jorge Gonçalves

ANTÓNIO JORGE GONÇALVES – Ephemeral Drawings / Drawing as Performance

CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos / Sat 6 NOV 10h30

Masterclass (Whitin the framework of Valve)
For young people 14 > 17
Limited to 12 participants / Duration: 2h30

FREE ADMISSION upon registration
50% Animation / 30% Inspiration / 20% Participation

This masterclass aims to introduce the audience to the method of real-time digital drawing and its performative dynamics, thus allowing young participants to experience its possibilities personally and directly. It wishes to inspire the development of performative potential of drawing, an expression tool already accessible to everyone.

António Jorge Gonçalves will start by providing context to his experience in drawing and interdisciplinary practices, and follow up by demonstrating his own method of digital drawing in performance, giving participants the opportunity to further explore the manyfold possible articulations with this language.