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SÉRGIO PELÁGIO – Magnetic Stories / Don’t be fooled! A 2019 political tale

CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos / Thu 4 NOV 10h30
Limited to 1 class – Single price: 3€

Palácio Gama Lobo, Loulé / Thu 11 NOV 10h00
Limited to 1 class - FREE ADMISSION

Biblioteca Municipal António Ramos Rosa, Faro / Tue 16 NOV 10h00
Limited to 2 classes - FREE ADMISSION

Storytelling Concert + Workshop / 90' / Children 6 > 10
School Sessions
40% Music / 30% Storytelling / 30% Political

Não se deixem enganar! Um conto panfletário de 2019 (Don’t be fooled! A 2019 political tale), an original story by Sérgio Pelágio, is the latest Magnetic Story (premiered in 2020 at Teatro LU.CA)

A new musical tale about a child who lived through the transition from fascism to democracy in Portugal and knows now that there is nothing worst that living in the former regime. This child is now a 53 year-old grownup who realizes that his family’s history of anti-fascist resistance, like so many others’, cannot be forgotten: it must instead be told to his own children as an example of courage and undisputable belief in Freedom as the most precious thing in life, and yet always in danger.

A tribute to the generation of moms and dads born in the 1930s who never conformed and were politically persecuted, risking their own lives going through prison or exile without ever seeking any kind of spotlight in history-making, so that we could today live in a better country.

This is a story about the importance of democracy and a tribute to all those anonymous parents who resisted and fought so we can enjoy freedom today. Yet we must never forget that, now as before, the tides can suddenly change!

Score, musical direction and electric guitar: Sérgio Pelágio
Narrator: Isabel Gaivão

Histórias Magnéticas (Magnetic Stories) was created by guitarist-composer Sérgio Pelágio, in a project dedicated to creating soundtracks for children’s stories. Together with Isabel Gaivão, they perform short stories with original live music, recreating the original texts’ atmospheres to build, along with the children in the audience, new meanings for the situations that come up in the narrative.
Through music, prompting and image, children are invited into these worlds and characters, to creatively unfold the narratives themselves.
The result is a storytelling-concert for electric guitar and voice, followed by a workshop for children.

Since 2009 this project has been adding storytelling-concerts from Portuguese and international authors, and touring extensively in Portugal and abroad, from Cape Vert to Macao, performing in libraries, schools and cultural centres.

Sérgio Pelágio was born in Lisbon and started playing classic guitar when he was 12. Later he discovered Jazz and improvisation music. In 1992 he created the band Idefix and released the album Idefix live (1992, Miso Records). He has written scores for choreographers such as Paulo Ribeiro, Paula Massano, João Galante, Teresa Prima, Vera Mantero, Francisco Camacho, and Sílvia Real. In 1998, he co-founded Produções Real Pelágio, with Sílvia Real, and the two created the trilogy Casio Tone, Subtone and Tritone. He has an ongoing collaboration with double bassist Mário Franco.

Isabel Gaivão was born in Lisbon. She studied Theatre at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon, and at the Herbet Berghof Studio, in New York. She has worked for television and in stage plays under several directors, namely JER (ensemble Jer), Luís Castro (Karnart) and Alexandre Lyra Leite (Inestética).
She works with children in workshops and drama classes. She has been part of some projects oriented for children namely with João Carneiro, Mário Trigo, and Rui Pisco. In 2009 she started working in Magnetic Stories with Sérgio Pelágio.