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LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Lagos
Sat 6 NOV 21h30 / Music / 90' / M6

Under 18 – 3€ / Over 18 – 5 € / Reservations HERE
50% Music / 30% Improvisation / 20% Emotion

Throughout this year, besides the looper and guitar effects, musician Sérgio Pelágio has been including some more machinery in his setup. Now he uses a computer, pre-recorded samples, some gadgets and a beat box. He says: “For a long time I’d imagined a beat box that could play random variations, and finally a young English inventor has come up with one”.

As someone who has always been interested in less common beats, he now has a much more organic and fun way of experimenting and playing. This is how much of his latest music was developed to accompany imaginary narrations for Edward Snowden’s texts, Emily Dickinson’s poetry or Clarice Lispector’s short stories.

Electric and accoustic guitar, loops: Sérgio Pelágio

Sérgio Pelágio studied in New York with guitarrist John Abercrombie.
Among many others he played with David Liebman, Andy Sheppard, Graham Haynes, Frank Lacy, Norma Winston, John Abercrombie, Sylvia Cuenca, David Binney, Mário Franco (CD Our Door – 2013; Rush – 2017), Bernardo Sassetti and Mário Laginha (CD Hoje – 1994). He founded the band IDEFIX (Idefix Live – 1991).
He writes music for dance performances (CD Bandas Sonoras – 2002) and has worked with Paulo Ribeiro, Paula Massano, João Galante, Teresa Prima, Vera Mantero, Francisco Camacho and Sílvia Real. In 2009 he created the project Magnetic Stories for young audiences (CD Histórias Magnéticas 2018). His music was included in the soundtracks of films by Rita Nunes, Paulo Abreu and Bruno de Almeida.