© Susana Paiva

COLECTIVO 84 / JOHN ROMÃO – Only idiots want to be radical

In a world where pop culture incorporates the notion of risk and handles and performs it for commercial purposes, SÓ OS IDIOTAS QUEREM SER RADICAIS wants to subvert that logic with the staging of a pop, young and beautiful image, and to make from risk not an object of luxury consumption, but an object that becomes essential to our fund of philosophical trade.
The only profit will be to talk about art and beauty through the mouth of a young actor, an image confirmed by its television notoriety: Angelo Rodrigues.
He will share the stage with John Romão and, as trash prophets, they will address both the television world and the world of contemporary theater, offering on their own way what Baudrillard called «complot de l’art».
Only idiots want to be radical is Zeitgeist.
Only idiots want to be radical is a story of affection.
Only morons want to be radical is fluffy bunnies.
Only idiots want to be radical is to punish evil and reward good.
Only idiots want to be radical is the history of the speculation of the contemporary.
Only idiots want to be radical sends you to hell.

Direction and Set – John Romão
Dramaturgy – Mickael de Oliveira
Performed by – Ângelo Rodrigues e John Romão
Light design – José Álvaro Correia
Video – John Romão e Miguel Aguiar
Performers on video – Ângelo Rodrigues e João Miguel Rodrigues
Artistic collaboration – Cláudia Dias
Technical Direction – Ricardo Madeira
Photography – Susana Paiva
Co‐production – Colectivo 84 / Penetrarte, Murmuriu
Support – Câmara Municipal de Almada, ZDB
Colectivo 84 / Penetrarte is a structure funded by – Ministério da Cultura/Direcção Geral das Artes.