© Fernando Ribeiro

FERNANDO J. RIBEIRO – Untitled (Take Me to the River)

Untitled (Take Me to the River) addresses the gap produced in interpersonal relationships developed within the media landscape, and specifically within the cybernetics.
Take Me puts in confront the virtuality of contacts made via net with an expectant bodily matter, permeable to imminent linking’s. The hypothesis of concretion of the affective dimension is – and thus always – mediated by the previous selection of cultural and technological interfaces, but whose evanescence dilutes the borders and lead it to the River.
Concept and Performance – Fernando J. Ribeiro

Studied painting and Sculpture specializing in the areas of installation, sculpture and performance.
Solo exhibitions: (among others) Close-up, Alcântara, Porto, 2012; Tell Me My Name, Project Contentores, Alcântara docks, Lisbon, 2010, Blind Date, Caroline Pagès Gallery, Lisbon, 2010, Horizonte e outros brilhos (Presença Gallery, Oporto, 2009), Untitled: Neons and Chanel (venue A Certain Lack of Coherence, Oporto, 2009), Todos os Desejos em Saldos (Monumental Gallery, Lisbon), 2004.
Group exhibitions (Among others): MONO (on the group GICAPC / CORES CAPC 1976 / 1978 Círculo de Artes Plásticas of Coimbra, 2010), Invasões Contemporâneas: Arte nas Comemorações do Bicentenário das Linhas de Torres (Vila Franca de Xira, 2010 Toxic). O discurso do Excesso (Angar K7, Oeiras, 2005).
Represented in several galleries and private collections and at the Serralves Museum (Ivo Martins Collection).