© Ana Borralho & João Galante


Porto de Mós Beach, Lagos
Sun 4 AUG, 19h30
Sun 11 AUG, 19h30

Borralho & Galante’s recorded sound performance / installation.
It is an attempt to think of the horizon line as a utopian space. To think about the dimensions that consciousness cannot reach, be it in the present moment or in the future, which relates the piece to the sublime.
Uniting opposite ends of the scale – the infinite and the small – the sublime becomes then a bridge between the infinite and the human body. When the audience arrives they get a set of mp3 players & headphones.
They will start to listen to the recorded performance seated facing the horizon line. They are also informed that, if they wish, they can walk around the beach. The audience can chose to listen to the sound record in portuguese or english.

Concept and Artistic Direction: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Original Texts: Paulo Castro, Ana Borralho & João Galante
Recorded Voices (PT+EN): Claúdia Gaiolas, Gonçalo Waddington, Mónica Samões, Tiago Rodrigues
Sound Design and Recording: Borralho & Galante
Piano: Ana Borralho
Electric Guitars: Japp, Coolgate
Sound Editing: João Galante
Artistic Collaboration: Fernando J. Ribeiro
Text Translation: Vera Rocha
Production Manager: Mónica Samões
Production: casaBranca
Co-Production: alkantara, Départs com o apoio / with the support of the European Union Culture Program
Thanks to: Vasco Pimentel, Bar das Avencas, Jorge Bragada

Ana Borralho and João Galante met each other while they studied visual arts at AR.CO. They have been working together on projects of their own since 2002 on performance art, dance, installation, photography, sound and video art.
Since 2004 their work has been shown on international festivals in Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Scotland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Brazil, Italy, England, Czech Republic, Zlovaquia, Finland and Slovenia.
Borralho and Galante are co-founders of the non-musicians band Jimmie Durham and casaBranca. They are also artistic directors of the live art festival Verão Azul, and co-programmers of the electronic music festival Electrolegos.
They live and work in Lisbon and Lagos.