© Márcio Matos

CLUBBING – Closing Party / Noite Príncipe

Grand Café, Lagos
Sun 18 AUG, 23h30

Príncipe is a record label based out of Lisbon, fully dedicated to releasing 100% real contemporary dance music coming out of this city, its suburbs, projects & slums. New sounds, forms and structures with their own set of poetics and cultural identity.
We want to make sure that the amazing work being produced here, be it house, techno, kuduro, ba-tida, kizomba, funaná, tarrachinha or any other new aesthetic development, will not remain unheard outside of our clubs, cellphones and homes anymore. All artwork is con-ceived & executed by Márcio Matos. All copies are individually stenciled & handpainted – so each copy is unique. All sound mastering is done with philosophy by Tó Pinheiro da Silva, veteran Portuguese sound genius, at his home studio.
Príncipe’s first releases – DJ Marfox “Eu Sei Quem Sou EP” (12″ vinyl and digital) and Photonz “WEO / Chunk Hiss” (12″ vinyl and digital) – were released on February 2012, and are available on all good inde-pendent national record stores, with the international distribution handled by Rub A Dub, having attained fantastic sales results across Europe, United States and Japan. July 2013 marks the time for a new couple of releases – Niagara “Ouro Oeste” (12″ vinyl and digital) and Nigga Fox “O Meu Estilo” (12″ vinyl and digital).
Complementing the editorial project, it is now about a year and a half that the label started promoting a, by all means, very successful monthly club night called Noite Prín-cipe to celebrate all this music and atittude, taking place in Musicbox, who has been an unexcelled accomplice all the way.
On this special edition of Noite Príncipe, part of the Festival Verão Azul music programme, the cast of DJs will include MARFOX, NIGGAFOX and NIAGARA.