© Gonçalo Tocha

GONÇALO TOCHA – It´s the Earth not the Moon

CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
Thu 8 AUG, 21h30

A cameraman and a soundman arrive in Corvo in 2007, the smallest island in the archipelago of the Azores.
Right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Corvo is a large rock, 6km high and 4km long, with the crater of a volcano, and a single tiny village of 440 people. Gradually, this small filming crew is accepted by the island’s population as its new inhabitants, two people to add to a civilisation almost 500 years old, whose history is hardly discernible, such is the lack of records and written memories.
Shot at a vertiginous pace throughout a few years, self produced between arrivals, departures, and coming‐backs, “It’s the Earth not the Moon” develops as the logbook of a ship, and turns out as a patchwork of discoveries and experiences, which follow the contemporary life of a civilisation isolated in the middle of the sea.
A long atlantic Film‐odissey, divided in 14 chapters, that combines anthropological records, literature, lost archives, mythological and autobiographical stories.

Director, Image, Editor, Voice, Production: Gonçalo Tocha
Sound, Sound-Track, Voice: Didio Pestana
Editors: Rui Ribeiro, Catherine Villeret
Post-Production Video: Sérgio Aragão
Colorist: Ignacio Ribera
Sound-Mix: André Neto
Post-Production Support: Tobis Portuguesa, barca13
Shooting Support: Nucivo-FLUL Associação Festa Redonda
World Premiere: Festival Locarno 2011
Jury’s Special Mention – Locarno Film Festival 2011
First Prize as Best Feature Film – Doclisboa Festival 2011
First Prize as Best Film “Cine del Futuro” – BAFICI 2012 (Buenos Aires)
First Prize as Best Feature Film – San Francisco International Film Festival 2012
First Prize as Best Feature Film – DocumentaMadrid 2012

GONÇALO TOCHA (Lisbon, 1979) Founder of NuCiVo (Cine-Club of the Humanities University in Lisbon) that he directed and programmed during 6 years. Balaou (2007) a tribute to his mother was his debut feature film, winning two awards at IndieLisboa’07 Festival and travelled into many festivals around the world. É na Terra não é na Lua (2011) was premiered at Locarno Film Festival and awarded with the jury’s Special Mention.
First Prize as Best Feature Film at Doclisboa 2011, DocumentaMadrid 2012, BAFICI (Buenos Aires) 2012 and S. Francisco Int. Film Festival 2012. It was commercially exhibited in cinemas in Portugal and New York. In 2012 he was invited to direct a work for Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture (Torres & Cometas) and also directed A Mãe e o Mar, a work about the fishing women from Vila Chã, which will be premiered in July 2013.
Has a double career as a musician, composer and DJ. Composer of soundtracks for cinema and theater. Graduation in Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE) by the Faculty Of Arts (Lisbon) and teacher of PLE since 2003.