© Verónica Castro e Helena Inverno


CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
Thu 15 AUG, 21h30

This documentary follows a group of prison inmates as they prepare to perform the annual Easter ritual, the Via Crucis, with a community of villagers in the north east region of Portugal. We witness, from the first rehearsal to the day of the procession, the solemn and surreal moments that lead convicts and members of a rural community to take real and symbolic communion together.

“In Jesus for a Day we are in between life and its representation, between art and anthropology, between the image and what exists out of the frame. In between the guards and the prisoners, the prison and the rural environment, we search for a time that does not extinguish traditions, but transforms them.”
director’s comments

Camera: Helena Inverno
Sound: Catarina Botelho, Verónica Castro, Gonçalo Mota, Alejandro Cid González
Sound editing and mix: Bruno Moreira
Sound design: Tiago Matos
Colorist: Marco Amaral
Production Direction: Isabel Silva
Poster: Moritz Elbert
Producers: Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar
Editing and Direction: Verónica Castro e Helena Inverno
Produced by: O Som e a Fúria

Helena Inverno and Verónica Castro, working as VOLANTE use video, sound and image to explore the meeting points between art and cinema. Their work has been exhibited in art galleries, museums and film festivals. Their recent work, Jesus for a Day / Jesus por Um Dia was awarded the Best Feature Length Portuguese Film at the IndieLisboa Film Festival; Uma Só Espera / You Only Wait Once received an Honorable Mention at the Cine Eco, Portugal 2012.
Helena Inverno is an artist distinguished through video-making and has been a prize recipient in music, drawing and video. Her work has toured with internationally recognized Portuguese choreographers. Helena holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Film & Video from Central Saint Martin’s, London.
Verónica Castro is an independent video maker who weaves anthropological practice and artistic practice to explore meeting points and tensions in these two disciplines. She was educated at the University of California, Berkeley and at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Jesus for a Day – documentary, Portugal, 2012
You Only Wait Once – documentary, Portugal, 2012
Matriz, videoclips
The music of Teresa Salgueiro e Lusitania Ensemble, DVD, Farol / Warner Bros, Portugal, 2009
Pool, video art
SexyMFvideo, video art