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MARGARIDA MESTRE – Everything Turns

CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
Fri 16 AUG, 18h30

This poetry recital proposes a visually magical set, a game of projection and metamorphosis of images following the agility of the imagination.
A sound atmosphere that transmits and transforms spoken words into melody and breath. An experience of all senses into which our body is invited.

Texts * : Jorge Sousa Braga
Direction and performance: Margarida Mestre
Image, Animation: Joana Faria
Original live sound composition: Benjamim Brodbeck
Live music: antóniopedro
* Selected poems from the books: “Pó de estrelas”, “Herbário” e “Poemas com asas”.
Espectáculo construído a convite do Serviço educativo do Teatro do Campo Alegre, Novembro de 2006.
Residency support: Centro de Estudo de Novas Tendências Artísticas.
Performance for children from 4 years old, adults, and seniors.

Margarida Mestre – Studied pedagogy, sound design and dance and has been developing a research and practice around body and voice coming together. Studied voice with: Shelley Hirsch and Lynn Book (NY), David Moss, Japp Blonk, Miriam di Palma, Valérie Marestin, Amélia Cunni, Nona Hendrix, Chris Mann, Michiko Hirayama and Phill Minton. Did intensive voice training at the Roy Hart International School with Kaya Anderson, Susanne Weins, Albino Bignamini and David Goldsworthy as well as with Jonathan Hart Makwaia and Rosemary Quinn. Did her Master in Performance Art – Movement Theatre.