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CACAU RHODEN – Drops of Joy

Cinema de Lagos
Sat 25 OCT, 18h30
Sun 26 OCT, 21h30

Documentary / BR / M12

The documentary Drops of Joy emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s playful spirit from childhood into one’s adult years. It explores how our success-driven society often leads adults to abandon this youthfulness and instead opt for a binary world where “work” and “play” must be kept separate.
Its ironic title refers specifically to prescription drugs, which opens up a discussion about the over-medicalization of our lives. Ultimately, it suggests an alternative to these artificial remedies: naturally reuniting with the child within all of us, so as to live fully and freely.

Directed by: Cacau Rhoden
Sreenplay: Marcelo Negri
Produced by: Maria Farinha Filmes
Executive Production: Estela Renner, Luana Lobo e Marcos Nisti
Production Management: Juliana Borges
Photography: Janice d’Avila
Film Editing: André Finnoti
Musical Producer: André Caccia Bava
Sound Editing: Miriam Biderman & Ricardo Reis
Sound: Maurício Zani, Ricardo Zollner e Guilherme Shinji
Coordenador de finalização: Geisa França

Cacau Rhoden was born in Curitiba, 1973. He started his career in 1990, as a 16 years old production assistant. Since 1995 he started working in the direction department and actively creating audiovisual content for Cinema, television and publicity.

A Cega, short film, fiction (1994)
Infinitamente Maio, short film, fiction (2002)
Meninos de Areia, short film, fiction (2005)
Gotas, short film, fiction (2005)
Drops of Joy, documentary feature (2014)