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LAR Gallery
From Thu 23 to Sun 26
Opening – Thu 23: 23h00, with project presentation by David-Alexandre Guéniot (publisher)
EXHIBITION – 16h00 / 20h00

Souvenirs From Europe is a project by GHOST Editions with: Ali Taptik, Andrej Djerkovic, Carlos Spottorno, Eduardo Matos, Galeria de Arte Ambulante, Janez Jansa, Kenneth O’Halloran, Kirill Golovchenko, Léo Favier and Schroeter und Berger, Marina Gadonneix and Guillaume Onimus, Panayiotis Michael, Petros Efstathiadis, Seba Kurtis, Tehnica Schweiz and Katarina Sevic, Virginie Rebetez.
Started in September 2013, Souvenirs From Europe is presently gathering 15 posters made by artists (photographers, designers, visual artists, performers) who are living and working in Europe. They were asked to choose / create a political souvenir of our times, an object of protest (as there were protest songs in the 1960-70’s). The final result takes the shape of a portable exhibition (easily transportable in cardboard tubes) that is proposed (for free) to independent spaces (galleries, bookshops, theatres…) in Europe.
The posters already produced (until now) are:
Souvenir from Turkey, by Ali Taptik
Souvenir from Belgium, by Eduardo Matos
Souvenir from Cyprus, by Panayiotis Michael
Souvenir from England, by Seba Kurtis
Souvenir from France, by Marina Gadonneix e Guillaume Onimus
Souvenir from Germany, by Léo Favier e Schroeter und Berger
Souvenir from Greece, by Petros Eftathiadis
Souvenir from Hungary, by Tehnica Schweiz and Katarina Sevic
Souvenir from Ireland, by Kenneth o’Halloran
Souvenir from Portugal, by Galeria de Arte Ambulante
Souvenir from Slovenia, by Janez Jansa, Janez Jansa, Janez Jansa
Souvenir from Switzerland, by Virginie Rebetez
Souvenir from Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Andrej Ðerković
Souvenir from Spain, by Carlos Spottorno
Souvenir from Ukraine, by Kirill Golovchenko
The project was shown in Athens, Brussels, Guimarães, Kiev, Lille, Lisboa, Paris. In 2015, it will travel to Berlin, Istanbul, Lausanne, Rennes, Porto and Coimbra, among other European cities.

Sat 25: 17h00
OPEN TALK: Presentation of the editorial project GHOST Editions by: David-Alexandre Guéniot and Patrícia Almeida (publishers)
ALSO: GHOST Editions bookstall
At LAR Gallery during the Festival daily from 16h00 to 20h00 (until 24h00 on the 23rd and 26th Oct), with the presence of the publishers.
The publisher GHOST emerges in 2011 from the conjunction of the practices and interests of Patricia Almeida (photographer) and David-Alexandre Guéniot (organizer of events related to the performance and contemporary dance) to give shape to editorial projects and programmatic events.
Its name, GHOST is formed from the combination of the words Guest and Host as poles between which circulate the roles of guest and host, ie it works as a programmatic trend which aims to establish a circularity of relations between art, research and editing. GHOST is publishing books that articulate a politics of image, ie critical approximations about the uses and the conditions of reception of an image, be it documentary, archival, fictional or appropriate.
GHOST recently begun to develop an editorial strand about books based on performances and living art shows.
2011, GHOST, de Aida Castro, Catarina Simão e David-Alexandre Guéniot (editores)
2011, All Beauty Must Die, de Patrícia Almeida/D-A Guéniot
2012, Bad Liver and a Broken Heart, de São Trindade
2012, The Candidate, de António Júio Duarte
2012, LWTUA (Love Will Tear Us Apart), de Patrícia Almeida/D-A Guéniot
2012, Não Tenho Medo, de Patrícia Almeida/D-A Guéniot
2013, Please Hold, de Kameraphoto
2013, SE CA LHA RI DA DE, de João Fiadeiro e Fernanda Eugénio
2013, relations on paper, de Paula Caspão
2013, Let’s Poem Back, vários artistas – co-editado com o festival Impulstanz Viena (AT) 2013, Grace and John, de Patrícia Almeida
2013, LOHOS, de Petros Efsthatiadis
2013, Souvenirs from Europe, vários artistas
2014, VENDE-SE, de Augusto Brázio
Nos próximos meses (2014):
No limite do (im)possível, Instituto de Ciências da Complexidade, co-edita com a Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
A Minha Vida vai Mudar, Patrícia Almeida/D-A Guéniot