© Caroline Bergeron


CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
Wed 21 OCT, 10h30

Target Audience: Children between 8 and 12

A family show for families, with films, music and live soup!
More than “based on a true story” Sopa Nuvem is a story where everything is real: the characters, the objects and the soup served to the audience at the end.
A man tells us his story: his son remembers his already dead grandfather and, above all, the bean soup he used to make. This man goes then on a journey, inside and outside himself, looking for the mysterious recipe from grandfather António.

Concept and Dramaturgy: António-Pedro and Caroline Bergeron from an original idea by: António-Pedro
Staging: Caroline Bergeron
Composition, Music and Film Direction: António-Pedro
Performers: António-Pedro and Gonçalo Alegria
Set: Caroline Bergeron
Sound and Technnical Coaching: Gonçalo Alegria
Light Design: André Calado
Set Builder: Nuno Melo
Executive Production: Ana Rita Osório
Production and Rehearsal Assistant and Set Design: Miguel Estanislau
Film Performers: José-Maria Lobo Antunes, Cândido Ferreira, António Pedro Câmara, António-Pedro, Leonor Noivo and António Vasques
Editing: Leonor Noivo and António-Pedro
Sound post production: Moz Carrapa
Special guests: Bigodes Band
Comissioned and funded by: CCB / Fábrica das Artes
Co-production: Centro Cultural do Cartaxo
Support: Kodak, ACCCA, Dupla Cena, SOAZILOPE Lda, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and DGArtes

Founded in 2009 by António Pedro and Caroline Bergeron, Caótica Company creates performances for young audiences / families and also for adults, multidisciplinary hybrids that cross Theatre, Music, Cinema and Visual Arts.
They have produced 12 artworks (concert-films, puppet theatre, theatre for babies, concerts, sound-documentaries, theatre performances) and held several workshops (music, cinema, dramaturgical writing, shadow theatre and artistic teacher training) performing regularly in Portugal, Spain and France.
Cloud Soup won the prize for best performance in 2014 MOMIX – Jeune Public International Festival in France.