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CCL – Centro Cultural de Lagos
21 > 24 OCT, 15h00 > 18h00 / Fri 23 OCT, until 23h00
LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas
Fri 23 OCT, 23h30

FUSO – International Video Art event of Lisbon is nowadays a reference in the Portuguese video art world. Since its first edition it has taken the role of a unique and pioneer initiative in the confluence of visual arts, dance and performance, inviting the public to enjoy unique video-art artistic experiences outside the normal context of galleries and museums.
Each year, in addition to the works selected by the programmers invited by the artistic director Jean François Chougnet, FUSO makes an to Portuguese artists, a fundamental aspect of this festival. FUSO has the collaboration of some of the most prestigious national and international institutions, making this initiative a real meeting platform, opening borders for national artists and to the dissemination and international implementation of their work.

Curators: Jean François Chougnet, António Câmara Manuel
Production: Horta Seca, Dupla Cena
Financed by: Fundação EDP, EGEAC

Landscape of failure – Miguel Bonneville
Portugal (2010) – 5′
Karunã – Joana Linda
Portugal (2013) – 4′
Anime it – Dinis Carvalho, Fábio Caldeira e Diogo Monteiro
Portugal (2010) – 2′
Duas pernas e um sopro – Elsa Bruxelas
Portugal (2011) – 5′
Je suis allée – Maria Ornaf
Polónia (2012) – 1’28”
Mapa Museu – Nuno Lacerda
Portugal (2014) – 8’08”
Cinza – Micael Espinha
Portugal (2014) – 10′
O retrato de Irineu – João Cristovão Leitão
Portugal (2014) – 4’09”
Love Is The Scariest Thing Of All – José Drummond
Portugal (2014) – 9’01”