© Dinis Santos


Associação Recreativa & Cultural de Músicos
Sat 28 OCT, 23h30

Clubbing / M16 / 5€

If I had to choose only one DJ to represent the city of Oporto he would surely be Pedro Santos (from Fundão). This is because Pedro’s personality is part of that rare type of people who perceives this activity as art, that is, he places himself as an artist when he’s playing music, respecting it as such. We want more people like this, who don’t bend over in the face of external mediocre forces. The respect he has won from his peers, a little all over the country, and at great expense, is a good example of that. He is also an exemplar record collector because he knows how to position every moment of electro music like few, in a clear and concise way. All of this is revealed in the sets he presents us.
Pedro Centeno