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Masterclass by TIAGO RODRIGUES

Teatro das Figuras - Foyer
Sat 28 OCT, 11h00 > 13h00

Free entrance, subject to previous registration at:


Not to die. Above all not to die. Remain in life. In the face of death, to confirm we were right every time we said the basic things in life are invisible. We were right even when we doubted the things we were saying, because we always doubt what we say and we know the silence between each word we speak is not called silence, its name is doubt.
When in doubt, remain in life. Before the idea of death, reaffirm the reason why we participate in life: the mystery of the future. To know how to decline the amiable invitations of death, who shows us a seat to wait for the world to come and meet us, who asks us to accept the world as it is, unconditionally, while we wait for the dying hour, with the impotence of losers. To refuse death and go and meet the world, to be a nomad, to discover what lies beyond the mountain, to travel to the other side of the night. Maybe even transform a tiny part of that world or never manage to achieve it. To be overcome, perhaps, but overcome by life. And above all, not to die.
And, because of that, it is necessary to preserve the public places and the underground places where we can remain in life. It is necessary to preserve the moments we dedicate to mysteries, the hours in which we make unexpected connections between what was already there in search of what is still missing. It is necessary to preserve the encounter where we say to ourselves: here we are, perhaps only a few, but certain that, facing death, we choose to remain in life. And above all not to die.

Tiago Rodrigues

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