© Sara Feio

SARA FEIO – of a Hybrid Nature

LAR Gallery, Lagos
Opening Fri 20 OCT, 18h00
Until 11 NOV (Thu to Sat, 15h00 > 20h00)

Exhibition / Illustration

I still have the most intimate desires of confusing myself with the landscape
Al Berto, Fear (1997)

Sara Feio was born in Lisbon to a unique artistic family – her grandmother, an Art teacher and painter, her parents Actors – she found her voice through the medium of Illustration.
The characters created by Sara stand out with the use of distinct techniques such as stippling, enriched with vibrant and captivating colors. Each illustration is a provocative exchange between scientific and surreal, reality and imagination, a story that breaks the surface of perception.
Outside the studio she’s also the mother of two blind cats with whom she shares unconditional love.