© Sara Pinheiro

GUSTAVO CIRÍACO – Between Dogs and Wolves

Escola Básica 1º Ciclo Bairro Operário

OPEN TALK: 30 OCT 2018, 18h30
Auditório do Convento do Espírito Santo

Between Dogs and Wolves is the third piece of Brazilian creator Gustavo Ciríaco, from the trilogy Gentleness of a Giant. It is an immersive stage project consisting in the construction of landscapes in the borders between light and darkness.
In 1962, warned by a friend on the deadly effects the indiscriminate use of pesticides had caused on a bird sanctuary, the American Rachel Carlson started to investigate the matter and to write what would later become one of the most influent books of the XX century, Silent Spring. In it, the danger of a spring without birds or insects instigated the author to go public on the toxic effects of uncontrolled human action over the environment.
Inspired by this warning the Gentleness of a Giant trilogy is born, which highlights Gustavo Ciríaco’s research around Man’s relationship with Nature, through the invention of the concept of landscape.

Drawn from the collection of reports and description of landscapes that no longer exist, kept only in elderly people’s memories, and dreamlike landscapes designed and imagined by children, Gustavo will create a show that aims to be a kinaesthetic plunge into men and women’s experience of landscapes in critic points of their biographies.
Entre chien et loup, an old idiomatic French expression, designates that moment of the day on the edge of the night, the twilight zone, where shadows move forward and a dog turns into a wolf and a wolf turns into a dog before our eyes and imaginations. The project is therefore inspired in the twilight hours and in the reduced brightness to investigate visibility conditions and ways of translating landscape experiences into the dark room of the theatre.

© Gustavo Ciríaco

The festival hosts a residency for Ciríaco for the making of this stage project, which will be presented in its 9th edition in 2019.
His residency is divided in two stages: the first stage is held in the city of Lagos, within casaBranca’s project Gymnasium – Artistic experimentation labs in school context, where he will work with a 3rd grade class of children who will elaborate their ideas on imaginary landscapes; the second stage in the city of Loulé, in collaboration with Cine-Teatro Louletano, in which he will work with a group of senior adults on landscapes that no longer exist and remain only in their memories.

At the end of the residency held in Loulé, Gustavo and his team open up the process in an open conversation in which they will explain their practices and their experience in the Algarve territory.

Choreography and creation: Gustavo Ciríaco
Performers: Daniel Pizzamiglio and Júlia Salem
Set Design: Sara Vieira Marques
Lightning Design: Tomás Ribas
Costume Design: Sara Zita Correia
Production Management: Jesse James
Communication: António Pedro Lopes
Administration: Missanga Antunes
Co-production: casaBranca – Festival Verão Azul / Cine-Teatro Louletano, 23 Miles – Ílhavo
Artistic Residences: Festival Verão Azul (PT), Festival Materiais Diversos (PT), NAVE (CH), Espaço do Tempo (PT)

Gustavo Ciríaco is an artist and choreographer born in Rio and based in Lisbon. His work converges elements from diverse fields, such as performing arts, landscaping, architecture and visual arts, where the materiality of the context, its sensible sharing and fiction dialogue in interaction with the audience’s presence.
His works have been shown internationally in theatres, festivals, museums and art centres in Europe, South, North and Central Americas, Asia and Middle-East.
In Portugal his work has been present in Museu Colecção Berardo, Culturgest, Teatro Maria Matos, Alkantara Festival, TNDM II, Museu Fundação Serralves, Maus Hábitos, Walk&Talk Azores, Verão Azul, ZDB and Festival Temps d’Images, among others.
He has held lectures and workshops in Saigon, New York, Taipei, Lyon, Fortaleza, São Paulo, Lisbon, OPorto, Ponta Delgada, Rio, Paris, Santiago, Tokyo, Ramallah, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and Montevideo.