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TÓ TRIPS and TIAGO GOMES – On the Road

Centro Cultural de Lagos / Sat 2 NOV 21h30

SPOKEN WORD / 60' / M12 / 5€ - BUY

Tó Trips and Tiago Gomes’ journey-performance is based on Jack Kerouac’s homonymous book, and was presented for the first time in 2007 in the exhibition Remembering Jack Kerouac, at Av. da Liberdade’s space 211, the place where the invitation for this gathering around On the Road, the Beat Generation Bible, an influence to travellers from all times, took place.
This is about a journey, a lost and infinite road, where the two performers and a video send the viewer into route 66, to an all dreams’ America, that is also every road in the world – highways, secondary roads, the desert, lost cities into the night and dead-ends.

Guitar and Effects: Tó Trips
Voice: Tiago Gomes
Video: Raquel Castro

Tó Trips was born in Lisbon in 1966, he is an Aquarian, and a Horse of Fire. He plays in bands since 1986: in the 80s there were the Ámen Sacristi; in the 90s there were the Santa Maria Gasolina em teu ventre, with whom he recorded a maxi reprinted two years ago by Sabotage, then for 10 years there were Lulu Blind, who recorded three albums: Dread, Blast, Foge de Ti, then the Hi Fi Jô and The Tysons.
In 2001 he starts the band Dead Combo, who recorded six albums. All this sums up to hundreds of shows in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, England, Germany and USA. Long live rock’n roll!

Tiago Gomes was born in 1971. He has four published (and sold out) poetry books, Caixa Negra de Avião Desviado por Ataque Terrorista, Homem Vago em Cinzento (self-published, 1995), Brincadeiras com Cianeto (Edições Mortas, 1998), Viola-me Eléctrica (Fenda, 1998) and two anthologies of complete poetry, with the title AutoAjuda, edited both in Portugal and in Spain.
Songwriter for the band A Naifa e Linha da Frente. Lead singer and songwriter for the bands Os Inspectores, Agência de Viagens, Coyotes and The Big Lebowskis. He works with Flak, Francisco Rebelo and Alexandre Soares. He is the editor and producer of Biblia magazine. He is the founder of Zé dos Bois gallery. He is a long time performer dedicated to poetry in action. He is also know as DJ Vaipes, when he’s playing music.