© Ruben Botelho

TRIBRUTO – 3 (Three) Brutes

TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão
Fri 24: 21h30

The brutes are 3 and they’re coming more brutal than ever, with a special repertory for tonight. RealPunch – the guy from the Knock Out League, and Kristóman – the leanest fat from the group, return with the strongest and sharpest rhymes. Gijoe is not a punchliner but promises to bring beats that will leave your teeth shaking. In a performance full of skill, humor, fun and energy. Hip-hop in its purest form. Perhaps involving nudity.

It is the best combination in the world: microphones that debit rhymes alongside turntable providing beats. On top of this simple partnership arose a culture that has spread to the four corners of the world. They call it hip hop. In the Algarve, there are those who know it by Tribruto.
Part of the Kimahera cell, a label that has done a lot for this very culture in the Algarve and beyond, Tribruto are Kristóman and RealPunch, the masters of ceremonies, mic controllers, stage agitators and rhymes spitters, and also Gijoe, a master of needles that tattoos vinyls in his own style, full of groove, loaded with the right weight, musical as few and as playful as the best hip-hop. When together, in the studio or on stage, this trio knows how to bounce like the best, and show the right understanding of hip-hop – every song is a space of invention, where the rhymes are forced to do gymnastics, where the flow invents impossible curves and where the beat sustains everything. Even madness.
Extract from a text by Rui Miguel Abreu

Vocals: Kristo and Realpunch
DJ + Samples: Gijoe
Guests: Reflect, Edgar Valente, Cenoura