© Pierre Emmanuel Rastoin


Teatro das Figuras, Faro
Sat 28 OCT, 21h30

Concert / M12 / 12€ / 8€

The album’s title Statea is a reference in old Italian to “scales” – a nod to the perfect balance between two units of measurement.
Appearing unusual at first, this collaboration between mexican ambient figurehead Fernando Corona (better known as Murcof) and multi-award winning French classical pianist Vanessa Wagner surrenders a sublime logic. Both classically trained, their career paths took different trajectories, but converged toward the same enthusiasm when it comes to minimalism.
Both musicians found the spaced-out compositions of Arvo Pärt, Ligeti, John Cage, Erik Satie or Philip Glass a musical playground where they could express their own qualities. The selection permeated by a wide-ranging conception of minimalism, including illustrious and more obscure contemporary classical pieces barely disrupted by a short and decisive inclusion from an iconoclastic figure of electronic music, Aphex Twin Avril 14th.
Statea offers an equally ambitious and fascinating definition of the modern classical genre. Whereas many crossover classical projects are all about capturing instrumental prowess, Murcof and Wagner delve deeper into the rich sonic texture of their co-production, artfully combining masterful technique with creative boundary pushing.